Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"I thought The Badlands were scary...?"

Next stop: Sioux Falls, South Dakota!  (Jess wasn’t that thrilled at the sound of the town, but C convinced her it was worth it).  First stop – the Sioux Falls (yes, there really are waterfalls in South Dakota) where we found MORE mill ruins!  Who knew?  The Sioux Falls were carved out by the Big Sioux River and glaciers during the time of the last ice age.  The early inhabitants harnessed the power of the Falls, building a turbine house to aid in the milling process.

Post the photo extravaganza, we headed to the Bennett house to meet up with Linda, who took us on a beautiful nature walk on a local bike trail.  After seeing so many people engaging in physical activity in Minneapolis and again in Sioux Falls, we now realize why Michigan ranks as one of the most obese states…

…speaking of obesity, Linda and Vern spoiled us rotten, cooking us an INCREDIBLE dinner of tortilla soup, mozzarella sticks, stuffed mushrooms, taquitos, grilled chicken, steak, baked potatoes, corn, bread and salad, with cheesecake for dessert.  Once we were physically incapable of moving, Brett dragged us out for a beer at a lovely restaurant / bar / casino establishment, where we attempted to come to terms with how old we’re getting, and discussing the size of our respective colleges.  Turns out, yes, size does matter.

Waking up very well rested, and refueling with another smorgasbord meal from the Bennetts, we hit the road again, but not without stopping at C’s beloved Juice Stop, where we each grabbed a smoothie made from the nectar of the Gods.   Off we go to the opposite side of the state - more of SD to come! 


  1. Ahh...Sioux Falls...been there about 5 years the great falls they are so serene! Glad you ladies are enjoying your trip...lovin' the updates!

  2. Don't hate on Michigan! It's just you suburbanites who don't get out and sweat a little. We Northern Michiganders love us some hike/bike/kayak action.

    Who are Linda and Vern? They sound rad.

    I hope you're taking food porn photos for me.